Tips for Living with Chronic Pain

Tips for Living with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, whether it is in the neck, back or limbs, can be a serious hurdle to get over day after day. While there are physical therapies meant for these pains, many of them can be costly, and if you don’t have the money, you’re just going to have to endure it. If you’re experiencing chronic neck pain in Jacksonville, you may be wondering how you can go on with this constant pain. For this, consult the following tips.

#1. Reduce Stress

Negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression, and anger put your brain on edge, increasing the body’s sensitivity to pain. This, of course, can make the chronic pain feel far more uncomfortable than it is already. So, it’s best to reduce the stress you feel in your everyday life. You can do this through things such as taking long showers, listening to calm, soothing music, and reducing your caffeine intake.

#2. Don’t Smoke or Drink Alcohol

Besides the usual reasons to not smoke, smoking can worsen your air circulation, increasing the pain as a result. As for alcohol, chronic pain can leave you unable to sleep if it’s bad enough. Alcohol can worsen sleep problems, so be sure to keep off the alcohol until the pain subsides.

#3. Get a Massage

Not just a normal massage, of course. There are clinical massages designed specifically with easing chronic pain in mind. Head over to your local massage parlor or spa, and ask if they provide massages to treat chronic pain. They typically will, but if not ask about any massage parlors in the area that might, and try again there. Be sure to specify where the pain is when you ask, as different parts of the body can require their own particular technique.

#4. Switch to a Healthier Diet

A healthier diet can improve your digestion, reduce risk of heart diseases, improve blood sugar levels, and lower your rate, all of which can reduce chronic pain. The recommended diet is a low-fat, low-sodium diet, so mainly stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, milk and yogurt, dried beans, and lean meats.

#5. Keep your Mind off of the Pain

Constantly thinking about the pain is going to ensure that you always notice when it starts hurting. Find a hobby that you love and can keep you busy, like playing video games, or exercise that doesn’t involve the area that’s hurting. It may still hurt, but keeping your mind off of it will make you not notice as often, and can get back to enjoying your life.

Your chronic pain might never truly go away, but there are methods by which you can reduce it or just train yourself not to think about it. You shouldn’t let chronic pain rule your life, because it’s still your body. Stick to these tips, and talk to your doctor for other methods of fighting chronic pain should these five not be effective enough for you.

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