Tips for Getting the Best Results from Eyebrow Shaping in Fairfield CT

Perfectly groomed eyebrows are all the rage. Everywhere you look, you see photos of models and movie stars with bold, beautiful brows. eyebrow shaping in Fairfield CT makes it possible for anyone to look like a Hollywood star. Getting your eyebrows looking their best only takes a little bit of planning.

Shape Matters

Unless you have an identical twin, no one else looks exactly like you. Eyebrows are no exception. The shape of a person’s ideal brow depends on the shape and structure of their face. Getting the perfect shape will have a huge impact on your appearance.

The placement of the arch is the most important thing to consider during eyebrow shaping in Fairfield CT. It’s always best to follow your natural arch, but if your eyebrows are straight and flat, it may be necessary to create the illusion of a small arch. Visit a local cosmetologist for advice.

Remove Hair

While thick, somewhat bushy brows are in style, unruly brows are always avoided. If you naturally have long, out-of-control brows, it’s best to remove and trim the unwanted hairs. Even removing a few stray hairs may completely change the look of your eyebrows.

Plucking, waxing, and threading are the three techniques used by cosmetologists to groom eyebrows. If you only want to pull out a couple of hairs, plucking is probably the way to go. If you need to remove a handful of eyebrow hairs, it may be best to try waxing or threading.

Fill In the Bald Spots

Even after your brows have been professionally groomed, you may be left with a few bald spots or patchy areas. If you desire fuller brows, it’s time to invest in makeup to fill in these bald spots. There are eyebrow pencils, wax pomades and hair fibers available to do just that.

Always choose a makeup product that is either the same color as your natural brows or a few shades lighter. Makeup that is too dark may draw too much attention to your brows. Watch a few online tutorials to learn the best techniques.

No matter the current condition of your eyebrows, there’s no reason why you can’t reshape them to look their best. Browse our website to learn more aout the different services available to help you transform the shape of your brows.

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