Three Services That Are Offered at Many Injury Rehabilitation Centers

Three Services That Are Offered at Many Injury Rehabilitation Centers

If you or a loved one becomes injured in an accident or suffers from another serious medical condition, there are centers for rehabilitation in Rockland County, NY, that can provide thorough care and other services to help get life back on track. In addition to physical therapy, post-stroke rehabilitation support and other services that you’d find at many facilities, here are three additional services that a rehabilitation center may offer.

Speech Therapy

Certain physical conditions may limit the ability to speak. Speech therapy can help patients regain part or all their speech. The therapist will provide exercises to help with word pronunciation and sentence formation. Resonance, tone and other parts of speech can be worked on as well.

Dietary and Nutritional Services

The best rehabilitation centers help patients with their dietary and nutrition needs and design meal plans that are the most beneficial for each person. If you or your loved one prefers international cuisine, you can request Russian and other types of dishes to be prepared. Dietary restrictions because of health, religious or ethical reasons can also be taken into consideration when preparing meals.

Spiritual Support

Trying to recover from a debilitating injury or medical condition can be both physically and emotionally draining, and spiritual support is offered at many rehabilitation centers to help with coping. Priests, preachers and other clergy members of different religious affiliations can pay visits to patients who want some spiritual support. Patients who are physically and mentally capable of attending services can visit nearby religious centers.

Spending time in a rehabilitation center can offer many advantages that greatly improve quality of life. If you believe that you or a loved one will benefit from going to a center for rehabilitation in Rockland County, NY, please visit Tolstoy Foundation Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to learn about the services.

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