The Advantages Of Using Cohesive Bandages

The Advantages Of Using Cohesive Bandages

For patients with Stages 2 and 3 lymphedema, bandaging is an ongoing requirement during CDT or Complete Decongestive Therapy. Stage 2 and Stage 3 lymphedema may also be termed moderate to severe, and there will be noticeable swelling in the affected body parts.

We understand this is a challenge for people, and your therapist should take the time to help you learn to apply bandages using the correct technique.

For arms and legs as well as hands and feet, cohesive bandages are an option to consider. There are several advantages to these bandages compared to the other types of wraps and bandage options, making them a better choice for many patients.

Bandages are different than compression garments. Since the bandages have less “give” or elasticity than a compression garment, they become tighter when the muscles contract. This tightening and loosening against the bandage works to pump the lymph and assist in reducing the swelling.

Compression garments, since they don’t have that component, are designed only to prevent swelling, not to assist with volume reduction in the limb. Bandages are typically only used during CDT and then your therapists will recommend the transition to a compression garment for longer term use.

Single Use, No Maintenance Required

When traditional types of stretch bandages are selected they are typically reused, meaning there is the need to have at least two or more sets and wash between use.

Cohesive bandages are designed to cling or grip to themselves, but they don’t attach to other types of materials so can be worn over liners or socks.

Low Cost

Compared to many options, bandages may be a cost-effective option, particularly if you consider the time and effort required to deal with the standard types of bandages.

Different manufacturers offer different widths and lengths, and they are sold in quantities from a single roll to an entire case.

Ease of Use

Most people find cohesive bandages are very easy to use, even when applying the bandage to their body. Since the bandage stays in place once you apply it to the body part, there is no frustration with the bandage loosening or shifting as you attach it in place.

We find many of our customers prefer cohesive and adhesive bandages over other bandaging options. If we can be of any help in answering questions or placing your order, please don’t hesitate to call.

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