Signs Your Spine Is Misaligned

Signs Your Spine Is Misaligned

Chicago chiropractors focus on helping people keep their spine healthy. If your spine is not healthy, then it will be impossible for you to keep the rest of your body healthy. There are several signs that indicate that your spine is unhealthy.

You Have Trouble Taking a Deep Breath

If you have trouble taking a deep breath, then your spine may be to blame. Spinal health and breathing are directly related.

Your Jaw Clicks

If your jaw clicks when you open your mouth, then this may be a sign of TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder is a condition that can cause severe jaw pain. It may also be a sign that your neck and hips are out of line.

Your Posture is Poor

Poor spinal health can lead to poor posture. There is a simple way that you can test to see whether your posture is poor. You should stand on two scales. Your weight distribution should be the same on each side. If it is not, then your spine may be misaligned.

You Feel Bad

A misaligned spine can put a strain on every other part of your body. That is why you may start to feel bad if your spine health is poor. You may have headaches and backaches. You may also have stiffness in your neck and back. Additionally, you may feel fatigued all of the time.

Your Range of Motion is Limited

If you cannot turn your head or move your body the way that you used to, then this may be due to poor spinal health. Your range of motion will be limited if your spine is misaligned.

Chicago chiropractors are here to help you get your spine back in the proper shape. If you are in need of a chiropractor, then you can call Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center.

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