Signs To Pay Attention To After An Injury To Your Brain

Signs To Pay Attention To After An Injury To Your Brain

There are several things that can cause injuries to your brain including falls, impacts during a car accident, or blunt force trauma that occurs at the hands of someone else. If an object penetrates the brain through the skull, such as a knife or a bullet, then this could cause a brain injury as well. If the injury is mild, then you might not notice any side effects at all or might notice effects that linger for a short time. However, severe injuries can often result in lifelong complications that could lead to death.

Signs and symptoms of a brain injury might not always be apparent until a few days or even weeks after the incident occurs. There are other signs that could appear right away. A loss of consciousness is a sign that something that happened to the brain. This could last for a few seconds or a few minutes depending on the severity of the injury. A coma can be a result of an injury to the as well. You will likely experience at least a mild headache. It’s normal to experience feelings of nausea after an injury to your brain. This is why it’s important to have the proper scans and tests performed to determine the severity of the injury so that the proper treatments can begin.

After an injury to your brain, you could experience changes in your sleep pattern and changes in your speech. There could be sensory issues that develop that include blurred vision or changes in how things taste or smell. Mood changes are also common with this type of injury. If there is severe trauma, then you could notice clear drainage from your nose or ears along with confusion, seizures, or headaches that continue to become worse over time. If any signs or symptoms become worse over time, then you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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