Signs it’s Time to See an Eye Doctor in Andover KS

Signs it’s Time to See an Eye Doctor in Andover KS

Unlike the dentist, it isn’t usually necessary to go to the Eye Doctor in Andover KS every six months for an exam. In most cases, having an exam every two years, or so, will be enough. While those with medical conditions, such as diabetes, may need to visit more often, those with otherwise healthy eyes can abide by the two-year guideline.

However, within that two-year period, there are certain events that will let the person know it is time to go ahead and schedule an appointment. Some of those indications can be found here.

Issues Focusing or Sudden Blurriness

If a person experiences sudden blurry vision, or focus issues, it may be the indication of a larger health problem. This is something that always needs to be taken seriously. If the blurry vision is something that seems to come and go, or if it is limited to just one eye, it’s a good idea to schedule an exam with an Eye Doctor in Andover KS quickly.

Sudden Appearance of Floaters or Light Flashes

If these types of visual disturbances occur all of the sudden, then it may be an indication of a more serious, vision issues such as a retinal hole, retinal tear, and retinal detachment. If a person experiences these issues they need to seek immediate care. In some cases, this may require the individual to go to the emergency treatment for help.


Another vision issue that a person may occur is frequent headaches. In many cases, changes in a person’s vision will occur slowly and over a period of time. As a result, they may not be perceived by the individual. However, reoccurring headaches are a sign that there has been a change in a person’s vision. If a person has begun to experience any type of re-occurring headaches, they may need to have their eyes examined.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by seeking an eye exam any time a vision problem occurs. Knowing the signs of a vision issue is the best way to ensure treatment is sought in a timely manner. More information about vision care can be found by contacting the staff at Business Name.

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