Services Spas Offer that You May Have Never Considered Using

From time to time, many of us need to unwind from our stressful daily lives dealing with coworkers, in-laws, kids, and even your spouse. Some of us turn to exercise, yoga and meditation, or if we are lucky, vacations. However, for the daily busy bee, you need something that is a little more relaxing with less effort. That is where the Spas in Denver come to help! Many of them offer spa services that reduce your stress while making you look and feel great. Here are just a few that will have you oohing and aahing before you know it:

Essential Oil Wraps

Get your body brushed and then soothed by an array of essential oils as you enjoy a foot and scalp massage, and finish up with a luxurious body lotion. Some common essential oils used include calming lavender, uplifting orange or energizing peppermint.

Sunless Tanning Treatments

Wrap yourself in the new tan you! Sunless tanning is sweeping the nation is almost available anywhere. Save your skin but keep your glow and take a moment to pamper yourself. This is something you will notice for weeks, and even months and will give you a confidence boost and you will feel good knowing that you

Boards and Bites

While you are getting a facial or a salt scrub, get your grub on and feast on some cocktails and little bites. Ahi tuna, fruit, a chicken cobb salad, or a turkey club could be filling your belly while you are invigorating your soul! This is a new craze; day drinking with good food and a foot rub? Paradise.

Pre-natal Massage Services

Many women think that pregnant women cannot get massages for many reasons. However, many spas are now hosting specialized massages for pregnant women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters to ease out their terrible back and foot aches that plagues them during their pregnancies.

The next time you need some rest and relaxation, visit a spa and ask for a fun new special to energize and rejuvenate yourself! There are many Spas in Denver to choose from. Visit  for more information.

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