See an Eye Doctor in Wichita, KS for Vision Care Needs

See an Eye Doctor in Wichita, KS for Vision Care Needs

A person who has used corrective lenses for distance vision may find they are also having difficulty reading with the same prescription. Vision may remain consistent during the 20s and 30s but, during the 40s, age-related vision changes become apparent. Small print may be impossible to decipher. Examining needlework, print, or anything that requires close-up inspection may result in blurry details. If your vision has changed or you are nearsighted, but you’re now having difficulty reading or seeing small details clearly, it may be time to see an Eye Doctor in Wichita KS for an evaluation. If you have corrective lenses for distance vision and now also need correction for seeing things close-up, there are a few options for correcting the combined vision challenges.

Bifocal glasses are a common option. The majority of the lens corrects distance vision. A section on the bottom half of the lens will correct close-up vision. Bifocal glasses may take some time to get used to. The wearer will have to look through the top half most of the time and get used to looking down through the lens while reading or doing other close-up activities.

Contact lenses can also be bifocal. The lenses follow the same concept as the lenses on a pair of glasses. Part of the lens corrects distance vision and part of the lens will correct close-up vision. Contacts may be preferred by individuals who are active and do not want to bother with glasses while engaging in sports or other activities where glasses may get in the way.

Some people prefer to avoid bifocal options altogether by having multiple pairs of glasses for different uses. Distance glasses can be used for most activities. A different pair of glasses can be worn for reading or other close-up work. This option has the inconvenience of having to carry around multiple pairs of glasses.

As an individual ages, the eyes naturally have more difficulty seeing things close up. The need for corrective lenses is inevitable. Difficulty reading print, holding print farther away to see clearly, or eye fatigue and headaches indicate it is time to see an eye doctor in Wichita KS at the Business Name for a vision evaluation.

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