Relax And Soothe Your Body With A Hot Stone Massage In Jacksonville, FL

Relax And Soothe Your Body With A Hot Stone Massage In Jacksonville, FL

Massage therapy used to heal pain and soothe the body has been in use for thousands of years. One method that has resurfaced in recent years as an incredibly relaxing, calming therapy is hot stone massage. The warmth of the stone provides a certain element of comfort that has caused many people to choose it over other forms of massage. If you have a health problem or are simply looking for a way to eliminate stress and relax, getting a hot stone massage in Jacksonville, FL is your best option. Remember to talk with your doctor if you have any medical condition, including heart disease, blood clot, diabetes, pregnancy, or if you have recently been put through chemotherapy or radiation. It is recommended that you stay away from hot stone massage therapy if you have recently undergone surgery, have an open wound or other unhealed injury in the area, have a rash, infectious skin condition, or rheumatoid arthritis.

What Is A Hot Stone Massage In Jacksonville, FL?

A hot stone massage in Jacksonville, FL makes use of smooth basalt or river stones to heal and relieve a variety of health issues, including:

• Chronic back pain and soreness of any kind
• Depression – the warmth of the stones has been found to be very comforting and relaxing
• Osteoarthritis
• Insomnia
• Poor circulation
• Stress or Tension
• Arthritis
• Chilly feet

These health conditions and others can be relieved by means of a hot stone massage in Jacksonville, FL. The smooth, flat stones used in the massage are immersed in water and heated to an ideal temperature. Before the heated stone is used, the therapist ensures the temperature is hot enough for the procedure but not hot enough to cause injury. Nonetheless, feel free to let the therapist know if the heat is either too hot or too cold for your liking to ensure a positive experience. The stones that are used are incredibly smooth while also oiled down. A special oil is applied first to make it easier for the stones to slip over your skin and muscles. Throughout the hot stone massage session, the therapist will alternate between using the hot stones to massage your back, using his or her hands to massage your back, and laying the stones back onto your skin. Hot stone massage sessions can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes long. To know more, contact Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa.

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