Reasons To See An Optometrist At Least Once A Year

Reasons To See An Optometrist At Least Once A Year

Even people who believe they have perfect vision would benefit from seeing an optometrist in Inver Grove Heights Mnat least once a year. Doing so provides several key benefits that cannot be underestimated. Here are a few examples. Verify Visual AcuityThe simplest reason to schedule an annual examination with an optometrist is to make sure the quality of vision is still what it has been in the past.

For many people, the loss of visual acuity is something that occurs gradually. Since there is no dramatic change in a short period of time, it is much easier to adjust to the difference without even knowing anything is changing. Having that annual exam will determine if there is any type of change, and what can be done to protect the eyes from further damage. Spot Issues While They Are Still MinorAssuming that there is a change in the quality of vision, the optometrist can take steps to determine what the problem happens to be. Depending on the nature of the issue, the optometrist may be able to make some simple changes in lifestyle that will help, such as getting away from a computer screen more or wearing sunglasses when outside. At other times, the optometrist may detect an issue that will require treatment by an ophthalmologist.

When this happens, a timely referral to this other kind of visual specialist will increase the odds of stopping the problem before the vision is seriously compromised. Obtain Corrective LensesIt is a fact of life that many people do experience some loss of vision as they get older. When there is no serious issue causing that loss, the best approach is to be fitted for corrective lenses. Identifying this need early on makes it much easier to obtain a prescription for glasses or contact lenses, and begin to alleviate stress on the eyes sooner rather than later. The bottom line is that annual checkups conducted by a reputable optometrist will help keep the eyes healthy for a long time.

If it has been come time since the last visit, call and make an appointment today. Taking the time to have the eyes checked will at the very least provide assurance that all is well and no further action is needed right now.

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