Obvious Signs that Indicate You Have Sprained Your Ankle in Illinois

Obvious Signs that Indicate You Have Sprained Your Ankle in Illinois

There are times you can make clumsy mistakes that cause you to slip or fall. These stumbles can cause you to feel embarrassed and leave you with uncomfortable bumps and bruises. You may shrug these off for a while, but there is a chance you could have a serious injury with your ankle. This kind of injury would get treated quite differently from a bruise, so a physician must address it right away. Here are signs that you have a sprained ankle.


Your ankle gets sprained when the ligaments are torn or overstretched. One of the most obvious signs that this has happened is the discomfort you feel in your lower leg. It can show up as an intense and steady pain around your ankle, which many people describe as a stabbing or shooting sensation. For this type of agony, you should not try to keep walking and standing on your joint. Instead, get assistance from a doctor that understands your sprained ankle in Plainfield.


It can be hard to tell if you have a sprain and a strain on your ankle. But a bruise is usually the major difference that means you need to consult a physician about a sprained ankle in Plainfield. The sprain means your ligaments and blood vessels have torn, and now there is a bruise left in the location. The dark, bluish skin may not show right away, but once it does, you will know you probably have a sprain.

To get back to your normal routine of work, fitness, sports, or hobbies, you should seek a doctor that can recognize a sprained ankle in Plainfield. Book the help you need right away with Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates.

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