Multiply Performance in the Gym with 2xu Compression Clothing

Most athletes nowadays will wear 2xu compression clothing when exercising, because these form-fitting garments prevent fatigue, muscle strain, rashes and chafing. Proven to enhance athletic performance, they look good and fit snugly without compromising comfort. Whether you require socks, sleeves, tights or t-shirts, compression clothing could offer major benefits for those all-important workouts. If you want to increase muscular power and boost performance, consider the options for men’s and women’s compression clothing.

Types of Men’s 2xu Compression Clothing

Men who wish to engage in intense physical activity without overheating should think about buying compression shorts. Ideal for rigorous training sessions, compression shorts are usually designed with panels that support the quads and abductors. For cycling, compression tights are a versatile option for their adjustable waistband, internal pockets for essentials, and flexible fabric. Other options include calf guards, tops, socks and arm sleeves. Most kinds of men’s 2xu compression clothing also offer antibacterial and sun protection.

Types of Women’s 2xu Compression Clothing

Women can also wear 2xu compression clothing tights for running and other activities, but many prefer the 3/4 option, which protect the hamstring, quad, glute and abductor muscles. These tights are made with special seams to reduce chafing, and the fabric absorbs moisture well. Compression tops and tanks are usually available in an array of colours, as are the sleeves and recovery socks. A blend of elastic material and polyester is normally used to craft gym clothing of this kind, with merino wool being a preferred option for socks.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Prior to making a purchase, there are a few things to think about when it comes to buying 2xu compression clothing. First things first, focus on a brand that you trust. Some recommended names include Adidas, Under Armour, Reebok, Nike and Bebe Sport. Next, think about what you want the gym gear to do, whether it is to resist moisture, stains or chafing. Gear is usually made with a specific sport in mind, so think about this when buying from a vendor.

The main reason why people buy 2xu compression clothing is to reduce soreness and stiffness after workouts, but this type of gym clothing offers numerous other benefits. By enhancing aerobic threshold you can run faster and could even avoid problems, such as deep vein thrombosis, because compression clothing improves circulation and sends more oxygen to working muscles.


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