Many Senior Falls Happen In Bathrooms. Here’s How Walk In Tubs Can Help Seniors

Many Senior Falls Happen In Bathrooms. Here’s How Walk In Tubs Can Help Seniors

Although the Millennial generation are more populous than the Baby Boomer generation, the Boomers are living longer, healthier lives. Their insurance covers physical fitness, and seniors are getting better quality health care. However, falls still cause trouble.

Falls Statistics

One out of four seniors fall each year. That number doubles once seniors reach age 75. Each 11 seconds, a senior goes to the ER for a fall. Every 19 minutes, a fatality occurs. The ER sees 2.8 million injuries each year with 800k hospitalizations and over 27k deaths. Medicare and Medicaid bear 75 percent of the $50 billion costs of senior falls. That number will rise to $67 billion by 2020.

What Can Seniors Do?

Along with a physical fitness routine to aid in mobility, stability, and muscle strength, seniors should consider a walk in tub Los Angeles CA. It’s not just about falling. Seniors returning from a rehab facility following a fall don’t want to repeat the performance, so they opt for something more manageable. Other seniors don’t like strangers or even their own children helping them to bathe.

Walk in tubs have a small lip seniors must lift their feet over to enter the tub. The door will close, and the senior will sit on the bench as the tub fills. Tubs come with jets for gentle massage, Chromotherapy for emotional therapy, and Aromatherapy or the delicious scent of essential oils. Taken together, these soothe the whole person in mind, body, and spirit.

Grab bars are available to help the senior enter, stand, or leave the walk in tub Los Angeles CA. Hand held shower wands are also available for seniors who would rather shower than bathe. Non-skid flooring and even shoulder harnesses and safety belts are available to prevent falls or slipping off the bench. Contact Call Before You Fall to learn more about walk in tubs for your senior loved one.

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