Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy by Visiting a Vet Clinic During the Year

Whether you have a dog or a cat or another animal in your home, you need to schedule regular visits to a veterinarian just as you would go to a doctor for your health. Aside from routine checkups, here are a few other reasons why you might visit the office.


A microchip is beneficial for your pet in case it wanders away from home or it’s taken from your home. The chip is inserted right underneath the skin and can be scanned by animal control or at an animal clinic in Los Angeles. You can also take animals that you find to a clinic to have someone scan them to see if they have a chip.


If your pet has lost weight, you can visit an animal clinic in Los Angeles to have someone weigh your pet from week to week or month to month. This will allow you to monitor any additional weight loss or gain after changing your pet’s diet or if your pet has been sick. It’s important to know your pet’s weight in order to give the correct dose of medication as well.


From the time you introduce your pet to your family, you need to provide proper vet care. This includes getting the right vaccinations at the right time. Some vaccinations, such as rabies, need to be administered every few years while others are usually only administered once or twice for the life of the pet. If your pet is outside or interacts with other animals, you need to make sure the vaccinations are on track to decrease the risk of illnesses and diseases.

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