How to Prepare For Your First Fitness Class

How to Prepare For Your First Fitness Class

Are you just starting out with your new fitness classes in Chicago? It’s great that you are taking action in order to get your body to a healthy and happy state, but you may not be aware of how intense those fitness classes in Chicago can get. Many people who start attending fitness classes will tell their peers how difficult it was for the first few sessions. The reality of exercise is often felt afterward, with muscles that rarely get any use, burning with pain, and your lungs gasping for air, not to mention the liters of sweat that drips from your body. Fortunately, there are a few tips that will help you get prepared for your first fitness class.


Hydration is massively underrated and forgotten in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. You should bring a few liters of water with you to the class, but fully hydrating an hour before the class begins will give you the fluids you need to really push the body into hard exercise. Doing this one hour before the exercise will prevent the nasty feeling of water sloshing around your belly as you do your jumping jacks and crunches.


Starting the class with a positive mindset is half of the battle. The fitness class will be challenging at first, and should still be challenging as time goes on, it’s this challenge to the body that helps it grow muscle and leads to the body becoming much more used to high-intensity activity. It’s important to keep your mindset in great shape the entire time. When things get tough, tell yourself that you are a powerful human being, the apex predator on this planet, you can do this. Laughing and smiling during a tough exercise is another great way to release the strain in the face, plus it releases endorphins which will increase your mood!

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