Essentials for The Aspiring Naturopathic Doctor

Essentials for The Aspiring Naturopathic Doctor

Are you passionate about healthcare on a more holistic level? Do you believe in the promotion of prevention strategies rather than more invasive, conventional treatments? Most importantly, do you envision yourself as a teacher or one who is passionate about guiding others towards their best? If so, you may want to consider obtaining a doctor of naturopathy degree and practicing traditional naturopathic medicine.

Traditional Versus Modern Naturopathy

In an age where naturopathic medicine is becoming more and more modernized and widely accepted throughout North America, it cannot be forgotten that there are important distinctions to be made between modern naturopathy and traditional naturopathic medicine. An ND or naturopathic doctor, one who has obtained a doctor of naturopathy degree, can be trained in traditional naturopathy or more modern naturopathic practices.

In the practice of traditional naturopathy, doctors are considered “teachers” and place their focus on the prevention of disease and the optimization of their clients’ health. Invasive techniques and drugs are avoided in this kind of practice.

What You’ll Study

A naturopathic doctor must complete a doctorate-level program and a doctoral dissertation. Doctor of naturopathy programs emphasize a detailed look at numerous naturopathic practices, as well as basic medical sciences such as anatomy, nutrition, pathology, and pharmacology. Some of these programs can be completed via distance learning over a period of three to four years. For example, the New Eden School of Natural Health offers a doctor of naturopathy degree online.

Planning Ahead

Curious about what will happen once you’ve completed your degree? After graduation, it is advised that naturopathic doctors acquire certification through boards like the following: The American Council for Holistic Medicine, the American Naturopathic Certification Board, or the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. Certification allows for a higher level of accountability within your practice and the community at large.

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