Emotional Issues Aren’t Usually the Cause of Ankle Problems in Kenosha WI

Emotional Issues Aren’t Usually the Cause of Ankle Problems in Kenosha WI

Medical doctors and other health care practitioners in the Western tradition understand that a patient’s emotional state may be linked to certain ailments. In many cases, however, they are skeptical, and with good reason. It’s one thing for a doctor to realize that frequent headaches may be caused by stress, but quite another to accept that frequent ankle sprains are caused by emotional issues. When it comes to chronic ankle problems in Kenosha WI, people will generally achieve better results by visiting a podiatry clinic than by trying to figure out what emotions are connected to the ankles.

Emotional Issues

Some websites run by believers in the law of attraction and other New Age spirituality see ankle pain as a sign that the person is not having enough enjoyable experiences. This individual needs more pleasure, which might be acquired by going out for dinner, seeing a movie, spending more time with a romantic partner or going on vacation.

While all these events can be good for one’s emotional state, it’s unlikely that they will relieve pain from a sprained ankle. It’s also unlikely that joining a club or planting a flower garden will relieve chronic ankle pain from conditions such as flat feet or high arches, or improper posture starting with the feet.

Effective Solutions

A foot doctor diagnoses and effectively treats Ankle Problems in Kenosha WI. The doctor won’t discourage patients from trying to improve their lives for a better emotional state, but will not expect healing of bones, ligaments or tendons through those efforts. Most patients at a clinic such as Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers don’t need surgery to resolve ankle and foot disorders, but they may benefit from wearing different styles of shoes and supportive devices like customized orthotics. Get more information online.

In regard to making lifestyle improvements to improve the strength and comfort of the ankles and feet, direct changes to one’s physical situations are probably better suited for positive results. For example, in addition to wearing proper shoes, the patient may need to buy a high-quality mat to stand on if his or her job requires standing for many hours each day.

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