Elderly Care Facilities in Winter Park, FL Offer Medication Reminders

Elderly Care Facilities in Winter Park, FL Offer Medication Reminders

Data released by the Health and Human Services Department shows that 50% of people in the U.S. take at least one form of prescription medicine. One in six Americans take three or more medications. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that medication reminders are needed to keep seniors in the routine of taking their prescriptions.

Keeping Track of Medicine Usage

Professionals at elderly care facilities in Winter Park, FL emphasize the importance of staying on track of medicine usage. Over-medicating or under-medicating can negatively impact a senior’s treatment plan or pose a risk to his or her overall well-being.

That is why health care workers at elderly care facilities are trained to monitor the medication schedules of patients while maintaining medication compliance. For instance, health care workers may pre-pour medications, making it simpler to organize and maintain a medication protocol.

Why Adherence Is Important

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), poor adherence to the taking of medicine can disrupt treatment processes, which leads to increased complications and a lower quality of life. For example, antibiotics are often used in elderly care facilities for treatment. However, patients may make the mistake of stopping the medicine when they begin to feel better. This type of assumption can be dangerous, particularly if the infection is bacterial.

Health care workers at such companies as the Watercrest Senior Living Group, LLC note that some patients have difficulty taking their medicines or experience side effects. If the senior has assistance from a health care worker, though, he or she can ask that an adjustment be made in the dosage or frequency.

The FDA suggests that seniors keep their medications in view and make them a part of their daily routines. Using daily dose containers is helpful too. The containers keep medicines organized so they are taken at the proper time and in the right amounts. Labels are used to show the days of the week and dosage frequencies.

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