Common Hospital Safety Mishaps that Occur in California Hospitals

Common Hospital Safety Mishaps that Occur in California Hospitals

Maintaining a high-level of hospital safety is essential for hospitals. And the operating room is one area in which safety is a major concern. Here are five common operating room mistakes to watch for.

1. Forgetting to Remove a Foreign Object from a Body

Complicated operations occur daily in operating rooms all over the world. And these operations require the use of tools such as pads, clamps, sponges, and scalpels. When nurses and surgeons fail to keep track of these tools, the tools are sometimes mistakenly left inside the patient’s body.

2. Performing the Incorrect Operation

Most patients trust that their surgeon knows which procedure to perform. But sometimes doctors get it wrong. That’s why a patient should have an advocate to speak on their behalf. And it’s the advocate’s job to make sure they’re clear about which procedure is needed.

3. Giving the Patient too Much Anesthesia

Overdosing a patient on anesthesia can cause fatal consequences. Anesthesia is safe when administered in safe doses and in a safe environment. But too much of the drug can cause brain damage or death.

Keep Patients and Operating Room Personnel Safe
Operating room safety is important. Preventative measures, such as suture needle management, can help surgeons and doctors safely perform their jobs. Contact Sharp Fluidics to learn more about hospital safety and how suture needle management can keep any hospital safe.

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