Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment in St. Paul

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment in St. Paul

Men and women looking for effective substance abuse treatment in St Paul may be interested in an organization providing cognitive behavioral therapy. Even when people are motivated to quit drinking alcohol, overcoming the urge to use can be tough. This therapy provides tools to help clients become more self-aware and develop better problem-solving skills.

Delaying and Distracting

An example of an effective strategy is delaying and distracting when the person craves alcohol. Delaying long enough can override the urge altogether. The individual makes a list of productive or enjoyable activities that might be done instead of drinking. This could require remembering what activities he or she liked participating in before alcohol use became such a time-consuming habit.

Avoiding Permission-Giving

Preventing relapse is an essential aspect of substance abuse treatment in St Paul. One reason people relapse is known as permission-giving. This can occur as desiring a reward for an exceptionally good or bad day.

For example, someone might feel deserving of a drink after receiving a pay raise. In contrast, getting a bad work review could lead an employee to feel that drinking is justified tonight. In therapy, participants learn how to manage those thoughts.

Effective Ways to Say No

Many men and women who drink excessively have trouble saying no when socializing with friends and family. It’s helpful to plan what to say in these situations. “I’m not drinking tonight” could just lead to questions as to why. The person might mention a 30-day no-alcohol challenge or the desire to lose weight. To learn more about an organization providing this therapy, visit Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. today.

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