Breast Reduction Myths Debunked In Chicago

When it comes to women’s breasts, most women feel that improvements could be made. Most women would prefer larger breasts that are more prominent and shapely, but many women would be happier with smaller breasts. There are a lot of myths associated with breast reduction in Chicago, which could cause women more embarrassment than necessary. Therefore, it is time to learn what those myths are and what the truth is.

Similar To Lift

While reducing the size of the breasts can be considered similar to a lift, depending on who you speak with, it depends on the type of surgery used. Many surgeons prefer to do the surgery and a lift all at once, which can help reshape the breasts and make them nicer-looking. However, some surgeons prefer to use liposuction, which doesn’t include lifting. If you want shapelier breasts after your surgery, you’ll likely want to consider a lift.

Reduce To A Specific Size

Many women are interested in having a size “C” cup, as most people think that is the ideal size. However, plastic surgeons cannot predict the exact size you’ll have and will ultimately reduce the breasts to a more manageable size. Because of this, most doctors offer a computer image of before and after shots so you can see the difference instead of focusing on size.

Insurance Coverage

In some cases, breast reduction in Chicago is considered a necessity medically, but in most cases it will not be covered by insurance. Though sometimes medically necessary, it is still considered a cosmetic procedure. Other reasons that your insurance company won’t provide coverage include the hospital or surgeon used, the technique used or the problem isn’t extensive to warrant medical attention.

If this is a medical necessity, your doctor will need to document the health problems you have, such as pain in the shoulders or back. However, your best bet is to talk with your insurance company first to get pre-approved for the procedure, so you aren’t left with a large bill.


Nothing is ever absolute, and things can change from one moment to the next. It is important that you know why you want the surgery and have realistic reasons for wanting the surgery. You will likely want to talk with your family and your doctor to ensure that you’re healthy enough for the procedure and that it will be something your family can live with.

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