Benefits Of Consuming Marijuana Food Products

Many regular smokers and patients find that consuming marijuana edibles is a more beneficial way to partake than smoking marijuana through a pipe or other forms. With the long-lasting effects, chronic sufferers of pain and cancer patient find relief for hours, while they remain inconspicuous. However, there are many ways that using edible versions of the substance is beneficial.

Easy on the Lungs

Though marijuana has been proven to help alleviate pain and give restful sleep to patients, the inhalation of the smoke tends to hurt the user’s throat during stronger doses. When edibles come into play, you no longer have to worry about the size of the “hit” you take. Edibles have a concentrated amount in each piece, ranging in the overall THC percentage and estimated at 10% THC per piece. Each edible takes about two hours to set in, resulting in a deeper and stronger effect that lasts longer.

Easy on Budget

An edible requires much less equipment for use than while smoking. Smokers of marijuana need grinders, smoking papers, pipes, and other paraphernalia that is not cheap to purchase. However, buying a package of edibles or making your own is more cost-efficient, since the only equipment you need is your own mouth. If you choose to smoke marijuana with a pipe or bong, the equipment may not be able to smoke every piece. If you produce cannabutter for a recipe or blend the marijuana into your snack, you can salvage the THC from the small pieces that would otherwise be thrown away. By creating your own products, you waste less and achieve a more intense effect.


Recreational and public use is not yet permitted in the majority of states that allow medicinal usage, meaning that the majority of marijuana smokers must limit themselves to smoking at home. However, if you need marijuana to treat your chronic pain or other diseases, you sometimes need to partake in consumption during your daily tasks. An edible eliminates the concern of smelling like marijuana, helping you to achieve the desired effect without alarming others around you.

Consuming Edibles Safely

Knowing how much THC you consumed through edibles is difficult to estimate. If you have a recommendation from a doctor in a state that permits the sale of these food products, you likely have dispensaries nearby that sell edibles from various companies. These treats must follow specific regulations, holding only 10% THC per piece. If you make your own, the amount varies. To consume safely, eat the edible and wait up to two hours to feel the impact of the substance. If it is too intense for you, drink a sugary drink to ease the effect. Only use marijuana edibles as recommended by your doctor.

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