Basic Information About Gummy Bear Implants

Are you considering breast implants in New York? If so, you might want to consider gummy bear implants. These implants are different than any other implant on the market and though fairly new, they are making a big impact in the world of breast augmentation. Named after the sweet candy bears, gummy bear implants are made of high-strength, dense silicone and will keep their shape forever. In order to really see how gummy bear implants look, you might want to take a look at some gummy bear implants photos and see for yourself. Until then, here is some information about these implants:

Gummy Bear Implants are Preferred to Saline Implants

Though for many years, saline implants were the preferred implant, these days, that isn’t the case. gummy bear implants are now preferred over the originals. There are some good reasons for this, actually. For instance, you will find that gummy bear implants are able to hold their shape better than saline and they are less likely to ripple or fold, over time, a problem that some with saline implants have experienced.

Gummy bear implant will stay upright and you will have less sag should you choose this option over others. You will also not have to deal with anything uncomfortable, as they are said to be some of the most comfortable implants on the market. Some users of silicone implants say it feels like a water balloon inside of their chest but there is no such complaint when it comes to the gummy bear implant.

Are These Implants Safe?

The nice thing about saline implants is that they are made with a substance that is naturally found in the body. However, gummy bear implants are also very safe and they have been approved by the FDA and remain perfect in their rating for safety. Plastic surgeons throughout New York concur with this safety assessment.

Are These Implants Right for Me?

Only a doctor can help you decide if the gummy bear implant is right for you. However, by seeing a doctor, you will not only find this out, you can also get more information about the gummy bear implant and any risks or considerations there might be for you. Make the appointment as soon as you can in

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