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Commonly asked questions about Massage Therapy Certification What is a Massage Therapist?

A Massage Therapist performs massage services in healthcare, wellness, and spa settings, and who is at least 18 years of age, and has had at least the minimum amount of hours of appropriate training pursuant to the standards established by the Division of Licensing. Massage Therapists assist with wellness, stress management, injury rehabilitation and health & fitness.

Are Massage Therapists required to be licensed or certified in order to practice their scope of work?

Yes, in many states. This comprehensive website provides you with information about licensing and /or certification in the field of massage therapy:

What are a Massage Therapist’s duties or “scope of work”?

Massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body. With their touch, therapists relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of clients.

What type of training is required before I can work as a Massage Therapist?

Massage therapists typically complete a postsecondary education program that can require between 500 hours up to 1000 hours of study and experience. Note that standards and requirements vary greatly by state. Most states regulate massage therapy and require massage therapists to have a license or certificate.

Are there licensing or certification requirements?

All Massage schools should prepare you for the appropriate exam. The exam may be solely a state exam, as in the case of New York, or a nationally recognized exam such as : the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx).

Massage therapy licensure boards decide which certification and exams to accept on a state-by-state basis.

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