6 Important Facts About OR Efficiency and Its Impact on Patient Outcomes

6 Important Facts About OR Efficiency and Its Impact on Patient Outcomes

See if this scenario sounds familiar: You’re performing or assisting a surgical procedure, and everything is going smoothly. However, halfway through, someone suddenly notices that a crucial instrument is missing. Time is ticking, and the entire operating room is put on hold as staff members frantically search for the missing item. This delay not only causes frustration and stress for everyone involved, but it also increases the risk of infection and jeopardizes the patient’s outcome. This is just one example of how OR inefficiency can negatively impact patient outcomes. New technology, though, makes an enormous difference.

1. Longer Surgical Procedures Can Put Patients at Risk

Surgical procedures that take longer than expected put the patient at risk. For starters, the longer the patient is under anesthesia, the greater the risk of complications. Plus, a more extended procedure can increase the risk of infection and the pain and discomfort the patient experiences after the surgery.

2. OR EfficiencyHelps Reduce Length of Procedures

OR efficiency can reduce the length of surgical procedures by streamlining processes and eliminating unnecessary steps. This results in improved patient outcomes and a lower risk of complications.

3. Poor Efficiency Can Increase Costs

When procedures take longer than they should, it can mean additional resources are required — including equipment and staff. This can quickly add up, putting a strain on the budget and potentially impacting patients’ quality of care.

4. Planning and Preparation are Keys

Proper planning and preparation include ensuring that all necessary equipment is available, that staff are adequately trained, and that the surgical team clearly understands the procedures that will be performed.

5. Linked to Better Patient Outcomes

When procedures are performed efficiently, patients are at a lower risk of complications and can recover more quickly. Additionally, by reducing the length of procedures, healthcare facilities can save time and resources.

6. New tech tied directly to OR efficiency

Innovations in medical equipment also play a significant role. Products like Operative Armour, for example, eliminate multi-tasking distractions during counts and eliminate the passage of and handling of exposed needles.

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