3 Questions to Ask Your Podiatrist in Kenosha

3 Questions to Ask Your Podiatrist in Kenosha

Your feet are exposed to a lot on an everyday basis. There are certain things that may seem harmless that actually pose a threat to your health. For instance, visiting nail salons for pedicures can put you at a higher risk for infection. Here are a couple of questions you should ask at your next appointment.

Antiperspirant for Feet

Feet can contract odors from a variety of different things. Some people are under the impression that feet are just naturally supposed to have an odor. However, that is untrue, and there are ways to eliminate the funky odor that your feet perspire. Ask your Podiatrist in Kenosha about antiperspirant. There are different gels, lotions, and even sprays that can eliminate this odor that you have been dealing with for so long, thinking it is untreatable.

Injections for Comfort

If you are a working man or woman who is forced to wear a lot of uncomfortable shoes, like high heels or narrow dress shoes, there is a way to eliminate discomfort. While not all doctors will perform this, ask your podiatrist about injections for comfort. A Podiatrist in Kenosha can inject your feet with medication to provide you with relief when wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Ask about Surgery

People who are on their feet a lot are at a higher risk of foot injuries. If you are concerned about what may be a broken or fractured bone in your foot or ankle, make an appointment with your podiatrist and ask him or her if surgery is necessary. Most patients go right to the hospital asking for surgery because not being able to walk is an inconvenience for anyone. However, sometimes surgery is not always necessary, so it is important to get all of the right information beforehand.

Regardless of what you read on the Internet, you never have more knowledge than a professional doctor when it comes to your health. Visit an experienced practice, like Family Foot & Ankle Clinics of Wisconsin, LLC to address your podiatry health concerns. If you dismiss any questions you have, you may put yourself in a more health hazardous situation, like having unnecessary surgery or letting an untreated odor form an infection.

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