3 Products a Nicotine Juice Manufacturer in Europe Should Provide

3 Products a Nicotine Juice Manufacturer in Europe Should Provide

Choosing the ideal nicotine juice manufacturer in Europe is not easy. You must ensure the nicotine products you buy are the best available for your customers.

The quality of the experience is important for people trying to quit smoking. Studies have indicated nicotine replacement therapy makes it twice as likely someone could successfully quit.

When selecting a nicotine juice manufacturer in Europe, make sure they stock the following products.

Vegetable Glycerol Based Nicotine

Vegetable glycerol is one of two carriers of nicotine in all nicotine replacement therapies. Some customers prefer it to the alternative, propylene glycol. If you are creating vaping products to sell to your customers, you want to make sure you supply whatever they need. Sourcing VG-based nicotine is going to appeal to that segment of the market.

Propylene Glycol Based Nicotine

Those who do not like VG-based nicotine go for propylene glycol-based nicotine instead. The PG-based alternative is usually thinner, making the vaping equipment easier to clean. There are other subtle differences as well, yet both provide a good vaping experience. Make sure your nicotine juice manufacturer in Europe can provide this nicotine base as well as the vegetable glycerol one mentioned above.

Pure Liquid Nicotine

This is the main ingredient present in all ejuice products. If you want to develop a range of flavours for ejuice, pure liquid nicotine is going to provide the base for each one. Make sure your manufacturer provides only the best pharma grade nicotine.

There are other elements to consider when looking for the ideal manufacturer. Speed of delivery, ease of use, and pricing are all essential elements to think about. If your chosen manufacturer can tick all those boxes and provide the products mentioned above, you know you have found a source you can rely on.

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