How Hospice Palliative Care Improves Quality of Life

How Hospice Palliative Care Improves Quality of Life

Most of us depend on medical professionals to help us get well, but there are times when medicine does not offer a cure. This can happen with terminal patients, whose treatments may actually reduce the quality of their lives. In these cases older people and those suffering from life-limiting illnesses often choose Hospice Palliative Care. They rely on facilities like Serenity Hospice & Palliative Care for a range of support services that offer pain relief, peace, and emotional comfort.

Hospices Specialize in Life Limiting Conditions

Although many older people benefit from Hospice Palliative Care, patients of every age choose it when they face life limiting conditions. Some are given the choice to continue treatment, but forgo curative care in order to enjoy families, friends, and interests. Unlike traditional medical facilities, which are focused on restoring health, hospices are designed to keep patients comfortable. Caring, well-trained staff listen to their patients and make sure that they get the medications needed to manage pain and still enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Hospices Take a Whole Patient Approach

Patients often choose hospice care because it offers spiritual and emotional support, even as professionals are caring for patients’ medical needs. Counsellors often help terminal patients work through unresolved issues and family conflicts. Professionals may help them find comfort in their faiths. Families are also offered counselling and are encouraged to participate in terminally-ill loved ones’ lives. Since end-of-life issues can cause stress and misunderstandings, hospice experts help friends and family to manage care giving, understand the stages of dying, and prepare for what is to come.

Hospices Provide At Home Options

Patients who have less than six months to live often choose to receive hospice care at home. Professionals arrange for them to get the beds, oxygen, medications, and other supplies needed to stay comfortable. Visiting nurses and aids help with grooming, feeding, and companionship. They also monitor patients’ well-being and help families cope with care giving duties.

It is becoming more common for terminally ill patients to forgo further treatment and choose hospice care instead. It is a popular choice because hospice care focuses on providing a good quality of life, pain medication, and whole-person support.

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