Happy Birthday, Dan Aykroyd

Happy Birthday, Dan Aykroyd

July 1 marks Dan Aykroyd’s birthday, and among the reasons to celebrate today is that is now possible for people in Canada who have a medical need for it to buy Legal Marijuana.  Alberta and British Columbia, more so than Aykroyd’s native Ontario, have emerged as leaders in Medical Cannabis dispensaries that offer Marijuana Edibles for Sale online, but we still ought to revisit the ways that Aykroyd, over the decades, helped to make the current situation possible.

Dan Aykroyd’s Eloquence on the Subject of Marijuana

Back when Medical Cannabis distribution sites like Tamarack Dispensaries were beyond the wildest dreams of most Canadians, Aykroyd performed a sketch on one of the early seasons of Saturday Night Live in the late 1970s with fellow cast member Garrett Morris, who has been outspoken for decades about his support for legalizing medical marijuana.  In the sketch, Aykroyd and Morris waxed eloquent about the nuances of various strains of cannabis, at a time when most of the TV audience knew little about the subject.  Many years later, Aykroyd was interviewed about the death of his longtime friend, fellow SNL cast member, and Blues Brothers co-star John Belushi, who died of a cocaine overdose in 1982.  Aykroyd spoke about Belushi’s many struggles and attempts to overcome his addiction to cocaine and other drugs such as amphetamines and barbiturates.  Aykroyd expressed the view that his friend would probably still be alive if he had stuck with cannabis.

Edibles for a New Generation

Times have changed, thanks in part to the old generation of public figures who spoke out in favor of Legal Marijuana.  Alberta residents who wish to buy Marijuana Edibles for Sale have to do little more than click in order to have their choice of edibles.

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