Benefits of Hot Power Yoga

Benefits of Hot Power Yoga

If you’ve ever done a yoga class, you know that striking a pose can be anything but easy. So why would any sane person do yoga in a room that’s been cranked up to 100 degrees? Because there are serious benefits of doing so! Whether you’re doing a simple beginner’s class or practicing hot power yoga in Jacksonville area, there are many benefits. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Repetitive routine: These classes tend to have the same poses repeatedly throughout the class, which allows you to gauge your progress.
  • Increases flexibility: A hot room warms up the body, which in turn increases flexibility and helps prevent injury. If you play a lot of sports, you’ll want to practice yoga in a hot room.
  • Increases your metabolism and pulse rate: Your blood vessels will become more flexible in a heated room and you will burn some major calories! Because you’re moving at a faster pace, your metabolism will be on fire all day long.
  • Ideal for losing weight: The added heat will make you sweat even more, build muscle and will flush out toxins. All of this adds up to serious calorie burn and major weight loss.
  • Relieves stress: Along with sweat and toxins, your stress will wash away as well. You’ll leave the room energized, happy and content.
  • Builds inner confidence: Once you’ve spent 60 – 90 minutes in a hot room working up a sweat, you’ll feel like you can accomplish just about anything.

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the sessions, so make sure you drink at least half a gallon of water throughout the day, and follow the session with a quality sports drink to replace the sodium you will lose. Hot power yoga in Jacksonville will give you a workout like no other – it’s not for the faint of heart, but it comes with many benefits.

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