What Can New Patients Expect When Going For Hearing Aid Services in Houston, TX?

What Can New Patients Expect When Going For Hearing Aid Services in Houston, TX?

Since the first electric hearing aid was created in 1898, people of all ages have been able to benefit from technology that allows them to overcome their hearing loss and enjoy a more fulfilling life. Hearing aids have three basic parts, which include the microphone, amplifier, and speaker. These three parts work together to increase the sound level so a person can hear more clearly. When it comes time for a person to receive one of these devices, it helps if they know what to expect from the hearing aid services in Houston, TX.

The first step in the process of getting a hearing aid is for the individual to see their audiologist for a full hearing evaluation. This testing uses special equipment that measures the softest level a person can hear at and which level of sound is uncomfortable for them so the hearing aid can be adjusted to the correct settings for optimal hearing. The goal of a hearing aid is to amplify soft sounds so they are better heard and compress loud sounds so they are not so uncomfortable to the patient.

When a patient goes for hearing aid services in Houston, TX, they will also have their device fitted. It is imperative the hearing aid provides a perfect fit so it will not slip out of the ear canal and stay in place so it can provide hearing amplification. The patient will try different types of hearing aids to determine which will offer the most comfortable fit.

Once the hearing aid has been decided on, the audiologist will set it to the patient’s hearing level needs. The audiologist will test to make sure the hearing aid is providing the right level of sound amplification by performing a Real Ear Measure that measures how loud the sounds are as they go into the ear canal.

If you are losing your hearing and are in need of a hearing aid, it is important you act now and do not allow your hearing to grow worse. For more information on these services, contact Texas Professional Hearing Center.

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