The Root Canal: What You Need to Know First

There is a lot of stigma surrounding the phrase ‘root canal’ and while no one ever wants to hear that they need a root canal done; these procedures are actually quite popular and many will find that they need to have this procedure done in order to restore their teeth to their normal and healthy working condition. Typically a root canal in Austin TX is done when a tooth is dealing with excessive decay or it has been severely injured and gone under some type of shock or trauma. Typically the root canal procedure is done when there has been damage to the pulp inside the tooth or to the nerve tissue in the tooth. Typically there are a number of painful symptoms that will let you know you are experiencing the type of inflammation or infection that will need to result in a root canal. If you are finding pain with a tooth or extreme sensitivity to hot or cold or while chewing then you will want to make sure that you call a dentist right away to get your tooth looked at.

If an infection in the pulp of the tooth is not treated right away then it can lead to even more serious issues and can cause the entire tooth or the gum area to be infected and your teeth can even fall out. Typically, patients will go to their local dentist first to get their tooth examined and if they do need a root canal they will be sent to a root canal specialist also known as an endodontist. These experts deal with root and nerve issues in the teeth and can help repair the nerve damage in your tooth and remove and repair any damage or infection on the inside of the tooth. The process of getting a root canal may be known for being uncomfortable but it is actually quite simple.

During your root canal the damaged tissue will be removed and a filler will be placed in the root canal. While there are many who associate root canal procedures with pain, these procedures can be quite comfortable and quick if you are turning to the right professional endodontist who uses the right type of anesthesia for the procedure. With these things in mind you will want to make sure that you visit a dentist or endodontist in your area if you feel as though you may have a nerve or root issue in your teeth that needs to be looked at by a professional.

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