The Art of Massage: Small but Mighty

The Art of Massage: Small but Mighty

A simple shoulder or back rub may seem relatively basic to you – but to a licensed therapist, the tool that can relieve pain, reduce stress, and calm the mind and body is massage. Rockville is home to many professional therapists, and their art is something that has been practiced for thousands of years. However, just recently have we learned just how beneficial it can be. By combining simple massaging techniques with therapeutic strategies, therapists are able to treat both healthy patients and patients who are suffering from an illness or disability more efficiently than ever.

So Many Techniques
In the world of massage, there is certainly more than one way to go about things. With so many different styles available, most therapists will know exactly which type to use once they learn more about what a patient is suffering from. For example, deep tissue is especially effective at treating muscular pain while trigger point therapy can be used to treat pain throughout the entire body.

Righting Your Wrongs
Sometimes, pain can be a result of our environment. Sitting in a desk chair the wrong way, being on your feet all day or even playing a sport too much. Massage is a great way to treat these acquired issues without having to turn to medication or pain killers. Poor posture is also a cause of pain, and massaging is quite effective at providing relief even for long-time sufferers.

Sports Massage
If you’re an athlete and sore muscles are constantly affecting your game, don’t expect ice and heat to solve your problems for good! By turning to massage therapists in Rockville who specialize in catering to athletes, you can bounce back from your pain instead of having to push through it. While massaging muscles may seem like a quick fix, it can actually provide long-lasting results that allow you to train longer and harder than before!

At ATOM (Advanced Therapeutic & Oncology Massage), they understand the power of massage. By combining therapeutic and relaxation techniques, athletes and pain sufferers can get the relief they need from sore muscles and joints. To learn more about the services they offer.

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