Get More Energy and Boost Your Adrenal Glands

For millions of Americans, fatigue and low energy have become ways of life despite efforts to sleep more, stress less, and focus on the present. The popularity of energy drinks and supplements that enhance alertness indicate that there is a very real and growing problem for individuals of every age from teenagers to senior citizens. While many attribute fatigue to poor sleep, stressful jobs, and family issues, there is another possible culprit that is almost impossible to identify without the expertise of a licensed physician. That suspect is adrenal insufficiency, or the failure of the adrenal glands to produce enough hormone to maintain sufficient energy levels.

Adrenal failure or insufficiency can be difficult for doctors to accurately diagnose since it mimics the symptoms of other illnesses that are more common like mononucleosis, and typically requires a blood test to definitively confirm. The adrenal glands are what provides the human body with adrenaline, which most people associate with a shaky, panicky feeling produced when the body or mind is under stress, as well as other hormones like cortisol. Cortisol is a key player in the body’s energy levels and works in tandem with adrenaline and other hormones in a delicate partnership to maintain balance in the overall system. When one or more of these factors is out of alignment with the rest, it results in whole body symptoms, most commonly fatigue. Adrenal Support Supplements can help rectify an imbalance and help restore levels back to normal, but in some cases, patients who suffer fatigue may need prescription medication to handle the situation. Some individuals address the problem by beginning with a supplement and then seeing a doctor if there is no improvement. When taking a supplement to support the adrenal glands and boost hormone production, allow at least one to two months to see and feel measurable results. If there is not a tangible difference in three months, you should see your doctor.

Trying to cope with low energy is difficult enough, but when you’re a busy professional with family and work responsibilities, fatigue is a liability that you can’t afford. Boost your energy levels with adrenal supplements, and the difference just may surprise you.

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