Functional Medicine in Bridgewater NJ is the Proactive Medicine

Functional medicine in Bridgewater NJ is the proactive way to find good health. Many times when you go to the doctor’s office you may feel like you are just being directed, like you really do not have a lot of say in the type of care you get or your treatment options. If you want to take proactive steps to not only cure current illnesses but to avert future illnesses you are not likely going to find that at a western medicine center.

The Problem with Western Medicine
Western medicine has made great strides in curing some diseases but they have had a hard time dealing with chronic illnesses because the model that they are working under just does not work. Your physician should be your partner in your wellness, not a place that hands you a prescription every time you are not feeling well. The question that every physician should be asking is “why?” Why are you suffering? Why do you have this illness? And further what can be done to get rid of the base problems that are causing you other problems.
Patching you up with medication does not cure you at all!

You Should Be Proactive
You should be proactive with your health care and functional medicine makes that happen. You are included in your health care plan, you are encouraged to:

  • Talk about your concerns
  • Understand your treatment options
  • Be a part of your health care

Getting well on your own can be a difficult journey but getting well with the right support can turn your life around. You can have the support you need from a caring staff that is there to help you treat the problem not just the symptoms. You deserve the opportunity to be a proactive member of your health care team. Call Dr. Alan Shair for an appointment today!

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