Bridges to Find from a Dentist in East Hanover

You can get a dentist in East Hanover to assist you with a great plan for getting a bridge to your in your gums. A bridge can be used to treat any spots that you might have where you have a missing tooth or a series of teeth that are missing. It can restore your smile but you should be aware of the different kinds of bridges you could get. These bridges can vary in several ways.

What a Normal Bridge Has

A normal bridge could be used to support your teeth. The intention of a bridge is to create a spot that can cover over a missing tooth. It should work in any spot around your teeth. This can be prepared through the impression that you could use to make a bridge that is as accurate and realistic to your teeth as it possibly can.

This kind of bridge can be formed in several ways. It could be designed with a ceramic build that can match up with the color of your teeth. It could also be prepared with a metal material that is a little thicker and stronger in design. A metal material could even be less likely to fall out. You’ll have to talk with a dentist in East Hanover to see what the right option for you would be.

A Bonded Bridge Can Also Work

You could also get a bonded bridge if your dentist feels that’s the right option for you to use. A bonded bridge is one where your bridge can be adhered to your gums through a resin material. This resin is made to match up with the rest of your teeth and should create a surface that is consistently up with the rest of the teeth.

The teeth can also be adhered to the gums with a series of metal materials. Metal attachments are used as items that are bonded on the sides of the teeth that surround the bridge. This is made to ensure that your teeth can stay on right and there is not going to be any risk of the bridge falling off or otherwise being damaged in some way.

What is a Cantilever?

There are some cases where you may need a bridge but there is only one side on the missing tooth space where you have teeth leftover. This is often the case if you are trying to get a bridge for a spot that covers the back area of the tooth. This is a case where you would need to get a cantilever bridge. This would cover the back part of the gums to make the dental framework complete.

You should think about how you can find different bridges in all of these forms. A dentist in East Hanover can give you help by providing you with all of these options when getting your teeth covered with a bridge. A bridge can be valuable but you should be careful when you are trying to get your teeth to look great but not every single bridge option is right for just any patient to use.



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