Benefits Of Medical Cannabis In Lake County For Mental Illness

Benefits Of Medical Cannabis In Lake County For Mental Illness

Living with a mental illness or with mental health challenges can be very difficult, especially if you have yet to find the right treatment for your particular disorder. Medicinal marijuana has grown in popularity as a treatment for a variety of mental health conditions, from depression to bipolar type II to anxiety, it’s been able to help many people function with these types of illnesses. Unfortunately, some myths still persist about medicinal cannabis and mental health, despite there being a ton of research proving its effectiveness as a treatment. Here are just a few benefits of medical cannabis in Lake County for mental illness.

Stimulate Appetite

Appetite loss is a symptom of a variety of different mental illnesses. Anxiety and depression in particular are known for their ability to rob the patient of his or her appetite, causing dramatic weight loss. This rapid weight loss in turn can cause a whole host of additional mental and physical disorders, such as increased anxiety and a weakened immune system. Medicinal marijuana has been shown to stimulate the appetites of those who suffer from severe appetite loss, helping them regain their physical health. Being in good physical condition, and having those physical needs met, is a good way to help a person deal with their mental health challenges in a healthy way.

Reduce Anxiety

Medicinal marijuana has also been shown to reduce anxiety in those who suffer from panic attacks and other anxiety disorders. In some cases, this can provide relief to a person who has been suffering the ill effects of anxiety for quite some time. In other cases, it can help a person who suffers from anxiety in combination with another mental disorder deal with their anxiety well enough to develop strategies to help handle the additional disorder.

Improve Sleep

Another benefit of medicinal cannabis is that it can help those who suffer from insomnia, either on its own or as symptom of another disorder. The medication can help the patient get some much needed sleep, which will positively affect just about every other area of their life.

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